Monday, April 29, 2013

Elite Model Look Belgium 2013

I'd forgotten all about this photograph. I spent the day at this contest, waiting for the first turn and, after having been pre-selected, waiting for the second selection. I wasn't picked in the end but it was a very gratifying experience.
Picture by Nathan Fougnies.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gwennaelle Lauwaert

A last minute shoot for a student in fashion design. Long day but we got there in the end. The coat was gorgeous, it was a nice wear.
The exercise was to make a jacket and a satchel.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Philippe Geenen

I met Phillipe through my photographer friend Cecile. He's a former cameraman trying his hand at photography and is quite good at it!
Here are a few of the studio pictures.

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Senseo 2013

If you have Belgian tv you might see this gorgeous pair of hands advertising for Senseo coffee! 
Don't blink though or you might miss it!

(I think there might be 5 or 6 different spots with me in them, 
here are a few snapshots from my tv)

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You should know that I have a tattoo. 
And a bunch of piercings. 
Wanna guess how many?
What do you think of tattooed models?

What do you think of my tattoo? 

Cécile Quénum

I'd met Cecile throughout a family photo shoot a couple of years back and she actually was the one who pushed me towards a modeling career. She gave me a bunch of tips and really helped a lot when I came to her to announce that I was officially looking for an agency.
It was actually right after this shoot that I got accepted as talent in the agency of my choice: Dominique Models. It wasn't really the modeling job I wanted but it was a start!
So this shoot was probably the most fun I've had as a model. Cecile and the makeup artist, Geneviève Lacroix were great to work with and everything just looked so beautiful and romantic. Many thanks to these ladies who really boosted my confidence and got me where I am today.

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Alexia Ball

I helped out a student at Makeup Forever for her exam. I recall the theme being catwalk glamour. Great experience but I was way too nervous as you can see on this photo!
Photgraphers: Pieter De Smet-Jans/ Stanislaw Jagiello

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